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Jet Pulverizer a global Leader in Super Fine Particle Size Reduction, Micronization Services and Fine Milling for 3D Printing and more.

3D Printing is a form of additive manufacturing that builds objects layer-by-layer, as opposed to traditional manufacturing that removes material from larger blocks. 3D Printing collapses the time between design and production, shifts power to designers, and creates products with new architectures and less waste, at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing.

The material used, and the performance of that material is critical for successful 3D printing. For example, a polymer that does not meet flowability or size distribution requirements can lead to compromised structural strength. Polymers, in particular, can be a challenge to process to 3D Printing size, distribution, and flowability requirements.

Jet Pulverizer has custom engineered and manufactured solutions for many 3D Printing applications, including those used in the medical and aerospace field. Jet currently processes a variety of materials used in 3D printing including specialized polymers such as PCLs, PEEKs, and PAEKs, as well as ceramics and metals.

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