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Jet Pulverizer is a Global Leader in Super Fine Particle Size Reduction, Micronization Services and Fine Milling for Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Much More.

Micronization is the preferred, easiest, and primary technology to increase bioavailability of drugs. Through improved bio-availability, maximum therapeutic effects can be achieved through lower dosages of active substances which is a primary driver to reducing drug side effects. An estimated 60% of active ingredients in drugs, called APIs, require micronization. Micronization is particularly relevant for solid dose oral dosage, and high potent APIs.

Jet currently micronizes critical drugs used as anti-bacterial treatments, as well as medications to treat asthma, epilepsy, and wound-care. Furthermore, the spiral jet mill manufactured by Jet Pulverizer is the preferred style of mill for the largest pharmaceutical makers, due to its efficiency and lack of contamination risk.

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