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Jet Pulverizer is a global leader in the micronization and fine milling of PEEK, as well as many other materials. The super fine particle size reduction of PEEK is just one of our many specialties.

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a colorless organic thermoplastic polymer in the polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family, and it is used in engineering applications. It has excellent chemical, hydrolysis, and high temperature resistance, and a long life as a strong, hard polymer.

Because of its strength, PEEK is used in very demanding applications. It is extensively used in the aerospace, automotive, and chemical process industries. PEEK is used to manufacture piston parts, pumps, bearings, compressor plate valves, and cable insulation. It is one of the few plastics compatible with ultra-high vacuum applications. Furthermore, Considering mechanical and physical properties similar to bone, PEEK can be used in many areas of healthcare and dentistry. Many 3D printing applications are starting to use PEEK powders.

Micronization enhances the flowability and can create a narrow particle size distribution so that PEEK can be used in very demanding applications. Jet Pulverizer has milled PEEK for aerospace applications.

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