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Jet Pulverizer is a global leader in the micronization and fine milling of Carbon, as well as many other materials. The super fine particle size reduction of Carbon is just one of our many specialties.

Carbon is an abundant element. It exists in pure or nearly pure forms, but can also combine with other elements to form molecules. These carbon-based molecules are the basic building blocks of humans, animals, and plants. Some greenhouse gases, such as CO2 and methane, also consist of carbon-based molecules, as do fossil fuels, which are largely made up of hydrocarbons.

In addition to hydrocarbons, the applications of carbons and carbon molecules are vast. Plastics are made from synthetic carbon polymers, often with oxygen and nitrogen atoms included at regular intervals in the main polymer chain. Carbides of silicon, tungsten, boron and titanium, are among the hardest known materials, and are used as abrasives in cutting and grinding tools.

Carbon black is used as the black pigment in printing ink, automotive finishes, and laser printer toner. Carbon black is also used as a filler in rubber products such as tires and in plastic compounds.

Activated carbon is used as an absorbent in filter material in applications such as gas and medical face masks, and water purification.

The attractive features of carbon in electrochemical applications include its high electrical conductivity and low cost. Carbon therefore plays a major role in improving the performance of electrodes used in batteries and fuel cells.

Milling can enhance the absorption of activated carbon, the reactivity and surface area of carbon used in batteries, and the color and texture of carbon used in pigment applications. Jet Pulverizer’s milling equipment is able to maintain the purity of carbon during micronization.

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