36-inch-bsf-2012The Jet Pulverizer Company continues to revolutionize jet mill design with their new 36” Orbital Bottom Side Feed mill. By releasing this first of its kind design, Jet Pulverizer has brought together many of the best features and benefits previously only available in our smaller mill designs.

The mill is designed specifically to meet our customer’s demand­ing requirements for high purity and unsurpassed durability with the capacity to process into the 3,000-6,000 PPH range. This new design incorpo­rates elements from our orbital and bottom side feed mills, combining technologies not found in any other mill design by any other manufacturer.

The combination of the bottom side feed and orbital mill design elements offers best in class performance, efficiency and durabil­ity. The orbital distribution chamber offers multiple injection points, ensuring even distribution of material into the grinding chamber resulting in greater efficiency, tighter particle distribution, and higher processing rates. The bottom side feed modifications allow for greater process classification of product while reducing wear on the mill, ensuring long equipment life, even with the most abra­sive products. The solid monolithic ceramic liners offer life-time insurance against contamination and wear. The traditional c-clamps have been replaced with bolts, helping to maintain a more rigid structure and allowing for easy inspection of the grinding chamber. O-rings have replaced flat seals, providing a tighter, more resilient seal. A new feed injector nozzle design allows for easy adjustment and tuning of the mill while processing. Together, these enhancements make this our most advanced high production Jet Pulverizer to date.

About The Jet Pulverizer Company

For over 60 years, The Jet Pulverizer Company has been a leader in providing ultra-fine milling solu­tions; our engineering staff provides excellent support and service for all of our products and to all of our customers.

Unique to The Jet Pulverizer Company is our two complimentary divisions: Processing Services and Mill Sales. Having both the ability to build mills and grind products in-house allows us to quickly hone in on the optimal mill design and system configuration. As you need services in the future, we hope that you will call the professionals at Jet Pulverizer, even if you feel that your question or need may be outside the scope of a standard jet mill order. We appreciate the opportunity to support your business growth. Please reach out to us if you have any questions at info@jetpulverizer.com, 856/235-5554 or 800/670-9695.