December 2009 Volume 23 Number 12

Custom-Engineered Jet-Milling System helps maintain world health.

Knowing whether a vaccine is viable or a food product is edible ensures that people are properly vaccinated and able to avoid foodborne illnesses. Since aging (time) and exposure to high temperatures can negatively affect many pharmaceutical and food products, it’s important for manufacturers and end users to have an accurate and reliable way to monitor a product’s exposure to them. For more than 25 years, TEMPTIME Corp., Morris Plains, N.J., has been developing and manufacturing a variety of such monitoring devices, called time-temperature indicators. The indicators use a specially developed monomer reagent powder that irreversibly changes color from light to dark when exposed to excessive heat over time, ultimately signaling when a product’s time-temperature profile is exceeded. When developing the reagent powder, the company worked closely with a toll processor to build a custom-engineered milling system to consistently and uniformly mill the powder.

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