Workplace Conditions Assessment Audit – Click here for report summary

On November 22nd, 2013 in response to a request from one of our most important customers, we welcomed the Intertek auditing team to perform a Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA).  The audit focused on the Work Place and Work Force.

At Jet Pulverizer, we understand that a quality product is the result of many critical elements and the workforce quality and workplace quality are among the most important.   This latest audit demonstrates our commitment to meeting customer quality requirements.

We listen to our customers and appreciate the trust they place in us to produce and reproduce the best milled powders time and again.  Over the years in response to customer requests and changes in the industry, we have implemented an ISO9001:2008 program and developed our FDA registered Food and Pharma processing services.  We also designed the Pharma-Master® jet mills, USDA Accepted, for the strict Food and Pharma markets.

We are pleased to present the audit results with a 100% Facility score and 91% Country score.  The results in total were outstanding.  They are a tribute to our continuing efforts to improve how we do business here at Jet Pulverizer.

Program Highlights:

The Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) program provides a powerful, cost-effective solution for companies and facilities seeking to improve workplace conditions efficiently and in accordance with widely accepted industry standards and best practices.

WCA addresses the following and more:

• Labor (Child/Forced Labor, Discrimination, Discipline, Harassment/Abuse, Freedom of  Association, Labor Contracts)

• Wages and Hours (Wages and Benefits; Working Hours)

• Health and Safety (General Work Facility, Emergency Preparedness, Occupational Injury, Machine Safety, Safety Hazards, Chemical and Hazardous Material, Dormitory and Canteen)

• Management Systems (Documentation and Records, Worker Feedback and Participation, Audits and Corrective Action Process)

• Environment (Legal Compliance, Environmental Management Systems, Waste and Air Emissions)

WCA benefits your business by enabling:

• Improved work conditions for a more content, healthier and productive workforce

• Better decision-making support based on real-time data and knowledge management

• Good corporate governance and ‘preferred supplier’ status for implementing a program that is in full accordance with industry best practices

• Improved confidence in partnerships with suppliers through greater transparency and trust

• Reduction in excessive auditing and duplication (“audit fatigue”)

• Suppliers to showcase progress with a ‘Record of Achievement’ Award