For over 60 years, The Jet Pulverizer Company has been a leader in the custom processing solutions market; our engineering staff provides excellent support and service for all of our products and to all of our customers.  We are happy to continue providing this great service to meet the engineering and technical assistance needs for our existing installations, however, we wanted to offer more.

Jet Pulverizer is excited to announce that we are expanding our equipment offering and scope of service to include more aspects of the milling operation, upstream, downstream, and beyond.

Now, in addition to the support directly related to the components we provide, we are happy to expand our support to other facets of your operation, for instance, to other equipment and processing challenges you may be facing. Included in our expanded support role will be changes to the original design or troubleshooting other equipment applications as part of a larger system, including making recommendations toward new equipment (ventilation, PPE, collection equipment, mill automation and PLC integration, etc.).

As you need services in the future, we hope that you will call the professionals at Jet Pulverizer, even if you feel that your question or need is outside of the scope of a standard jet mill order.  We will be happy to provide engineering support wherever we can on a cost effective and timely basis.  Please feel free at any time to present specific projects or needs to us and we will quote our current rates.

We appreciate the opportunity to support your business growth.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions at, 856/235-5554 or 800/670-9695.