Moorestown, NJ – The Jet Pulverizer Company has developed a process solution to produce Triosyn powder with a 1.2 µm average particle size. In 2008, Triosyn Corporation located in Williston, VT approached Jet Pulverizer to obtain Triosyn powder of particle size averaging at 1.5 µm. Triosyn Corporation is dedicated to the fight against microbial threats through scientific research and development of innovative Triosyn-based antimicrobial solutions. The company has developed a unique antimicrobial technology for use in products designed to fight against microbial threats for use in the medical device and personal protective equipment industries.

Using its processing expertise, Jet Pulverizer’s jet mill process met and exceeded Triosyn’s expectations, delivering Triosyn powder with an average of 1.2 µm particle size. Jet Pulverizer took on this challenge by altering a number of milling parameters to satisfy the company’s particle size needs. They went even further by utilizing their capability to perform cryogenic grinding to meet Triosyn’s size reduction requirements. Most importantly, Jet Pulverizer was able to produce 1.2 µm Triosyn powder without altering Triosyn’s basic properties and function. This represented a key aspect for Triosyn, since the fine powder needed to be further processed into selected materials to serve as an antimicrobial barrier in finished devices.

The Triosyn compound belongs to a group of solid iodine-based polymers containing quaternary ammonium groups loaded with tri-iodide and higher polyiodide ions. The resin is originally manufactured as spherical particles, ranging from 400 to 500 µm. Grinding of the resin to produce micron size Triosyn powder is usually required to optimize impregnation into selected base materials. The heat-sensitive aspect associated with Triosyn resin represents an important challenge when it comes to selecting a suitable size reduction process.

According to Joe Tanelli, Senior Director of Engineering for Triosyn Corporation, “Overall, we were very pleased with the effort, commitment and work ethic obtained from Jet Pulverizer and with the quality of their grinding services.”

The Jet Pulverizer Company is a custom toll processor and manufacturer of the Micron-Master® precision jet pulverizer mill. Established in 1946, Jet Pulverizer specializes in size reduction of dry powders in the range of 0.25 to 44 microns. For more information

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