Moorestown, NJ — The Jet Pulverizer Company (JP), in a cooperative effort with TEMPTIME, has developed an efficient low temperature processing capability. By re-engineering its processing system, JP is able to mill the temperature sensitive powder, Diyne Diurea, at -40 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve a very fine particle size. This material is used in inks for printing temperature sensitive indicators on labels used on food and pharmaceutical product containers used in the United States and Europe. TEMPTIME, based in Morris Plains, NJ, manufactures sophisticated time-temperature indicators that provide a visual indicator warning of excessive heat exposure for drug and food products.

Diyne Diurea is typically difficult to grind due to its tendency to obstruct processing equipment and its sensitivity to heat. To meet this challenge, JP built a custom liner to provide smooth material flow during processing and developed process and material handling equipment to maintain a steady low-pressure temperature. In addition, the product is kept cold until final packaging to minimize heat related losses. JP’s jet milling technology provides a distinct advantage due to its dry, high-purity processing with fine particle generation at <0.30 micron average and its ability to obtain and stabilize low temperatures on a continuous basis with extremely tight distribution and near zero contamination.

Jet Pulverizer has years of experience working with special compounds that are difficult to handle. JP provides support for both research and commercial scale requirements, with a complete test grinding service to provide milled samples and document process development efforts.

The Jet Pulverizer Co. is a custom toll processor and manufacturer of the Micron-Master precision jet pulverizer mill. Established in 1946, JP specializes in size reduction of dry powders in the range of 0.25 to 44 microns. For more information, visit

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