The Jet Pulverizer Company has developed a process solution for the emerging lithium-ion battery technology using the compound Lithium Titanate Oxide (LiTiO3); aka LTO. The beneficial properties of LTO are directly related to its size and purity. JP’s jet milling technology provides a distinct processing advantage using its dry, high-purity processing, with fine particle generation at <0.30 micron average with an extremely tight distribution and near zero contamination.

Particle sizes at 0.30 micron average improves charge time and battery cycle life. The typical applications for this process include high power, high-density energy storage, where high charge and high discharge rates are required. The industries benefiting from this process are hybrid automobiles, dry cell batteries, solar energy storage and electrodes.

Jet Pulverizer has years of experience working with special compounds that are difficult to handle. LTO is abrasive, requiring abrasive resistant surfaces such as tungsten carbide lined mills, to ensure high purity and near zero contamination in the grinding process and an extremely tight size distribution for material consistency in the end product. JP provides support for both research and commercial scale requirements, with a complete test grinding service to provide milled samples and document your process development efforts.

The Jet Pulverizer Co. is a custom toll processor and manufacturer of the Micron-Master precision jet pulverizer mill. Established in 1946, JP specializes in size reduction of dry powders in the range of 0.25 to 44 microns.

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