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May 1

Jet Pulverizer Company Meets Triosyn Particle Size Reduction Requirements Without Alerting Basic Properties or Function

Moorestown, NJ – The Jet Pulverizer Company has developed a process solution to produce Triosyn powder with a 1.2 µm average particle size. In 2008, Triosyn Corporation located in Williston, VT approached Jet Pulverizer to obtain Triosyn powder of particle size averaging at 1.5 µm. Triosyn Corporation is dedicated to the fight against microbial threats […]

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Feb 19

Jet Pulverizer Develops Efficient Low Temperature Processing Capability

Moorestown, NJ — The Jet Pulverizer Company (JP), in a cooperative effort with TEMPTIME, has developed an efficient low temperature processing capability. By re-engineering its processing system, JP is able to mill the temperature sensitive powder, Diyne Diurea, at -40 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve a very fine particle size. This material is used in inks […]

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Feb 10

Jet Pulverizer Works to Commercialize Emerging Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

The Jet Pulverizer Company has developed a process solution for the emerging lithium-ion battery technology using the compound Lithium Titanate Oxide (LiTiO3); aka LTO. The beneficial properties of LTO are directly related to its size and purity. JP’s jet milling technology provides a distinct processing advantage using its dry, high-purity processing, with fine particle generation […]

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